Wannabe Cool


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Product Description: 32 page full color comic book with educational information and puzzle.


In the sixth episode, Kelvin struggles adapting to his new environment at school and faces bullying. As Kelvin begins to do anything he can to just fit in, Jamie and her friends try and help him accept who he really is. As Kelvin drifts further and further away from his true friends, Olga realizes Kelvin’s sadness is a great opportunity for her to cause chaos for Kelvin and Jamie and embarks on a mission to make her own dream of ruining Jamie’s day, finally, come true.

Will Kelvin learn to accept himself for who he is and ignore bullies? Or will Olga get the best of him?

Learn and play! Learn about bullying and what you can do to make difference at your school, in your environment, as you read this story! Test your new knowledge with a fun puzzle at the end!