The First Day


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32 page full color comic book with educational information and puzzle.


In the first episode of Jamie’s Jungle! Jamie, a curious monkey, goes to school and meets a new friend—a koala named Cami. Cami is a new student and came to Jungle Springs from Australia with her grandparents. The Koalas arrived to Jungle Springs hoping to find a new home after their tree house was cut down in Australia.

Quickly, Jamie and Cami become best friends but soon face a new problem. Olga, another monkey, harbors a long grudge and is determined to ruin Jamie’s day! With the help of her friend Judy, Olga devises a plan to try and ruin Jamie’s new friendship with Cami.

But as Olga carries through with her plans process, the kids run into trouble as they disturb Jungle Springs’ infamous witch. Will Jamie and her friends make it out alive?

Learn and play! Learn about deforestation, koalas and what you can do to make difference for the environment as you read this story! Test your new knowledge with a fun puzzle at the end!