The Bad Seed


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32 page full color comic book with educational information and puzzle.


In the ninth episode, Jamie and her friends struggle through the awkward stage of first love. As a school dance approaches, an arrogant, new student comes to school and disrupts Kelvin’s chance to ask Cami to the dance.

Meanwhile, Vikko, a lizard who is in love with Olga, tries to gain Olga’s acceptance by giving her flowers that he planted himself. Little does he know that the flowers he planted have caused the plants around them in the jungle to dry out and die. As Olga recovers from a rash caused by the same flowers, Jamie and friends must learn about non-native plants and the impact they can have on the environment!

Learn and play! Learn about native and non-native species and what you can do to make difference for the environment as you read this story! Test your new knowledge with a fun puzzle at the end!