The New Kid


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Product Description: 32 page full color comic book with educational information and puzzle.


In the fifth episode, Jamie meets a new friend, Kelvin the polar bear! After walking along the ice in the North Pole, Kelvin realized the ice was melting beneath his feet. Soon enough, the piece of ice Kelvin was standing on broke off and drifted him far into the ocean! After befriending some dolphins that taught Kelvin to surf, Kelvin safely makes his way to Jungle Springs to find a new home and new friends.

However, Olga still remains in the shadows, hoping to finally ruin Jamie’s day. And once Olga learns of Jamie’s new friendship, she sets out a plan to spoil the friendship and the fun. Will Judy finally help Olga ruin Jamie’s day? Or will Judy’s love for cookies get in the way, and distract her, yet again?

Learn and play! Learn about polar bears and the impact global climate change has on their habitat! Find out what you can do to make difference for the environment and test your new knowledge with a fun puzzle at the end!